For our supporters

 Thank you for your continuous support and prayer for the ministry of hi-b.a..
 Your gracious giving has made this ministry possible in reaching out to high school students for over 65 years.
 Since hi-b.a. is wholly funded by donations, your future gifts will help high school students to find God in their lives and to share the Gospel with friends.
 Please keep hi-b.a. in your prayers and help the ministry through gifts.
 We have added the online giving via credit card as a way of making donations conveniently and easily.
 Please follow the instructions below.
 ※we accept payment using Visa or Mastercard.

Make a Quick donation (one time only)

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※The minimum amount that can be given is 500 yen. (the maximum 500,000 yen)
  ※Please specify the name of the staff member or other purpose that you wish to support on the next page, at "SUPPORT" column.
   ※If you don’t choose a particular staff or purpose, the gift will go towards the hi-b.a. general fund.


Make a Monthly Recurring donation

If you wish to make a monthly donation, please enter the amount here.
  Once you have made this pledge, the designated amount will be charged to your credit card on that date of each month.
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