Greeting from National Director

National Director - Ryutaro Kawaguchi

hi-b.a. aims to deliver the gospel to every high school student.

Currently, the average age of the pastor in Japan is 70 years old, with the average age of church members being above 60. It is said that more than 80% of churches have less than 5 children in children’s church, and churches without any high-school age students are increasing. Additionally, with the trend of the actively serving pastors aging continues, young pastors and church members are decreasing. The topic of passing along the faith must be addressed with the utmost of importance. I do not think it is an exaggeration to say that we at hi-b.a. are “bringing forth the next generation of believers” considering the work with which we have been tasked.

However, our number 1 purpose in high schooler evangelism is not to secure workers or to search for those who will succeed us in our efforts, but that every youth would “meet Christ Jesus, and know true joy in the Lord.” We desire to create environments where youth feel that they belong (our regularly meeting clubs) all over Japan.

It is said that there are 3,000,000 high schoolers in Japan. but with our current manpower, our grand goal of telling the gospel of Christ to every high schooler is far from possible. And even if we were to accumulate many more staff members or all of the necessary financial support, we will never see the fruits of our work in faith without the help and guidance of the Lord.

In order for every high school aged youth to meet with the living Christ, as well as for the continuance of faith to the next generation of Japan, we desire that everyone would please join us in “Prayer Support.” We hope to see together with you the work of our Lord who answers prayers.

-Ryutaro Kawaguchi

Greeting from Board of Directors Representative

Board of Directors Representative - Takao Nakadai
高校生伝道を日本で開始して68年。日本の諸教会に信頼していただき、育てていただきました。第2次大戦後に来日した宣教師によって始められた働きですが、現在は経済的にも人材的にもほとんど日本の諸教会によって支えられています。信条的には、宗教改革以来の正統的なキリスト教信仰を保持しています。また諸教会に仕えることを使命としています。 どうぞ安心して高校生をお送りください。また祈りとご支援をもってこの働きをお支えくださいますと感謝です。

Basic Principles

Ⅰ.Trust in God

Trusting in God is a blessing hi-b.a. has received from the Lord. Thus hi-b,a, holds trusting in God as that of the highest value, and is dedicated to this practice. The nurturing of trust in God is regarded in the same way. All decision making made by hi-b.a. is born from a reliance in God, and is a testimony of our love to the Lord. hi-b.a.’s continued trust in God is born out of prayer, and is realized by obeying the scriptures.(Proverbs 3:5-6)

Ⅱ.Value People

hi-b.a. values our staff and their families, alumni and supporters, as well as high school students. hi-b.a. joyfully serves with intercession, encouragement, aid, admonishment, and forgiveness towards the goal that all people would be made like Christ.(Matthew 7:12)

Ⅲ.High School Student Evangelism as Mission

“High School Student Evangelism by High School Students” is the motto of hi-b.a. and we love, serve, and focus directly on the evangelism of high school students and all youth of their generation.We understand high school student evangelism as telling them about salvation in Jesus Christ, and training them to be witnesses for the Lord Jesus, and contributing to the promotion of world missions and the advancement of the Kingdom of God.(Psalm 71:17-18)

IV. Serve the Church

hi-b.a. is a non-denominational evangelism organization which built upon an evangelical biblical faith. We do not aim to become a church, nor to create churches.hi-b.a. is not an organization with the goal of commercial gain, but the foundation of our work is set in the prayers and support of local churches.Additionally, we exist to serve and partner with the local church.(Ephesians 4:16)


Regularly Meeting Clubs

On a weekday evening, after all school related activities have ended, at the same time and place each week these are held. It is a place for christian high-schoolers, and even non-christian high-schoolers to gather.

Our hi-b.a. staff members lead the club, with students singing praises, listening to bible messages, and chatting with friends and leaders.

Although there are many factors to the learning, it is never stiff-mannered or too formal, but an “at-home” relaxing environment. There are many students who attend the clubs who would confidently say “I feel at ease when I come to Club.”

* There are determined breaks in the schedule each school semester, so please check the page for each area’s Clubs to find times and locations.


Special Events

Twice a month, typically on the 2nd and 4th Fridays, our special events entitled “Joyful Saturdays” are held.

Various genres of activities are planned, ranging from evangelism-focused outreach events like our “Ice Cream Parties”, to events that focus on the study of a specific topic that is crucial to our training in the faith, such as “World Missions” where we will invite a missionary from the field to speak, or a seminar on “Dating and Relationships”, etc.



During the school vacations each Summer, Winter, and Spring, our big focus is on Camp! We conduct camps specifically designed with the desire to further the efforts of high-schooler evangelism, as well as to enhance training and growth in the faith of current believers.

Living under the same roof, students enjoy discussion time with one another, giving their all in physical activities and times of play, and contemplating the teachings of the Word…

Here, many students experience something truly valuable and irreplaceable.Our Kanto camps are held at the hi-b.a. Campground located near the beaches of Kujukuri, Chiba. Camps are also held in several other locations around Japan. For more details, please check our camp page.


The History of hi-b.a.

Our story began with one man, Brant Reed, who was teaching the high-school youth class at a church. Reed was a passionate leader, and he thought that meeting but once a week on Sundays was not enough to properly train up the high-schoolers in spiritual manners, so he began to hold on weekdays gatherings at his home for the high-schoolers to attend.

A distinguishing characteristic of Reed’s training, was that he made the students witness the truths of the Lord Jesus. “No matter who you speak to, say to them, I am a Christian. When you go to school, always carry your bible with you.” However, many people of the day in America thought themselves to be culturally Christian, so rather than say “I am a Christian”, Reed taught to say “I am a born againer.” The youth of his gatherings quickly became well known in the schools because of their skillful testimonies and witnessing, to the point that they were nicknamed the “born againers.” This was eventually adopted into the official name of the gathering.

Later, Brant Reed would fully devote himself to the efforts of high-schooler evangelistic ministries. And not to just one area’s church, but to the activities of any church, any denomination that would partner, and in 1938 in New York, the High-Schooler Specialized Evangelistic Organization was formed. This was the beginning of hi-b.a.

hi-b.a. JAPAN began in 1951, spawning out of hi-b.a. AMERICA through the efforts of the missionary Mr. Clark. The hi-b.a. center was purchased in Shibuya, Tokyo, and then in 1952, the land was bought in the prefecture of Chiba, where our campground was eventually built.

Currently, hi-b.a. is working towards the great goal of our vision, to see regularly meeting clubs established in all 47 prefectures of the country. We already have activities running in the Kanto, Kansai, Tokai, Kyushu, and Tohoku regions.

For our supporters

 Thank you for your continuous support and prayer for the ministry of hi-b.a..
 Your gracious giving has made this ministry possible in reaching out to high school students for over 65 years.
 Since hi-b.a. is wholly funded by donations, your future gifts will help high school students to find God in their lives and to share the Gospel with friends.
 Please keep hi-b.a. in your prayers and help the ministry through gifts.
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